A Gaze at us.


Mashoi, A brand holding ideologies about handmadeness, a symbol of true characterism containing values for simple, natural, cosmic, geometric and architectural philosophies, each piece is meticulously designed keeping in mind the aspects of our true values and celebrates its makers. Thus every piece holds its mark of "Made in India", emphasizing on the rareness of the craftsmanship.

This thoughtful system is run by three very aspiring people, Director Arun VV, Creative Head Sarath AV Ramakrishnan and IT head Pranav AV Ramakrishnan. Mashoi is a blend of their unconventional ideas put conventionally and beliefs sculpted into a commercial product. Sarath has pursued his bachelors in Accessory design at National Institute of Fashion and Technology in Gujarat and has been flourishing ever since. He is a spark of enthusiasm and has never taken a pause from his artistic growth. Graduated with four awards (Student of the year-2017, NIFT Meritorious Students award, Best graduation project-2017, Best design methodology award-2017) as well as a National jewellery award (NJA)-2015, he started working as a head designer and creative director at a design house.


Meanwhile, Arun held busy achieving his lifely goals, he is a very pragmatic person and has consistently brushed his leadership attributes. After completing his MBA Finance from ICFAI University Dehradun in 2006, he started his career with UAE Exchange as a junior officer. And then in 2007, he shifted to UAE for better prospects where he worked ten years as an Accounts Manager in Al hadeer, gaining more and more growth and acquainting knowledge about every single aspect of management.


Ultimately, we have the skilled Pranav AV, who has completed his diploma in information and technology from NTTF Bangalore in 2019, and later he polished himself by pursuing BCA at Alagappa University. After his sheer academic effort, and gaining a lot of practical perspectives, he worked for an IT company and cultured himself for fulling a dream of having his own firm and he has finally reached his contentment.

We have surrounded ourselves with brands that don't focus on ethical aspects of business and are unaware of the cause that has brought suffocation with their mass production, giving to our planet many challenges. So, We wanted to take a pause, acknowledge, and create a brand with a soul, A label of mindful purpose. Creating pieces with time and detail. We thrive on being a brand of stories, A story format allows us to be dynamic, We try to shift perspectives and bring in new surprises. By our narrations, we attempt on touching all the values that our consumers hold, simultaneously staying true to our flow. People love being told a story. As a brand, we concentrate on building the perfect "jewellery" by a visual-sensory experience, something that is equally self-expressive as it is comprehensive, "A jewellery for everybody."

Our Focus has always been a brand of quality. We are much intent to the detail that accentuates the luxury status of our product, We are a system of meticulousness. We stay attentive from ideating the story, exploring the early drafts, to the finishing of the handcrafted pieces and hand packing them into our beautiful black and white packaging. We want to evolve as a platform of a spirited brand and make the shopping experience as unruffled as possible. 


Handcrafted & Industrial.

We want to infuse both the qualities, so we amalgam and experiment with both a handmade technique and some machine-made methods. We make sure we use the most minimum amount of natural resources and mostly stay conscious of how the product can be produced sustainably. Some of the intriguing ways are Stamping, laser, Hammering, Chitrai work, Painting, Engraving, thread work, wax casting etc. These are mainly produced by gifted artisans in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udayaour, Rajkot, Calicut India.


Plated with Dazzle.

All our pieces are one Micron gold (GPC) on Brass, silver.

Our service provides the first Three months' guarantees on plating. 

(The plating can last a lifetime if cared for well).


Contemporizing Heritage & Art.

Each piece is unique and made in limited quantities. We add old Indian values and philosophies to our distinct aspects and bring in the new wave for these items. All the pieces are unique, and all the products are slightly different than the other as all of them are made by many different hands, giving it more dynamism and characterization. 





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