Brand philosophy

Mashoi is a label of utter quality and aesthetics, a fresh breath of free forms over a constructive and mundane geometry, or visa versa. It almost comes out as a contrast within the folds of everyday objects. Mashoi's true inspiration lies in profound observations and to create harmony between these inspirations and self ideologies. A brand of purpose and pure expressionism.
This has started as an urge to combine aesthetic styles and to create an oriental mood. It mainly focuses on the team's distinctive personalities and unique voices. We take inspirations from our travels around India and abroad, and emphasising mostly on exotics of India, We experiment with dramatics yet classics, and eventually be progressive with the rich craft tradition of India. The label thrives on pushing the core structure of how design is executed and redeļ¬ning how fashion jewellery is conceived and adorned.
Every piece aims to be an Objet d'art, a style statement or a conversation starter. We also want to focus on the cultural aspect of India and serve a platter of heritage jewellery, building a niche of Mashoi women who ornament these pieces in festivities. Ultimately, to evolve into a venture which uses the local craftsmen and small production units to balance the needs of the market as well as caters to the artistic crowd, intending to explore different materials and amalgamate techniques to bring out an innovative concept. We thrive on being a Conscious system with utmost transparency.

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